Our service

We allow you to focus on your business and the needs of clients.

As a mortgage broker, there simply are not enough hours in the day. You have enough to do advising clients, working with lenders and insurers, keeping on top of your administration and communication, and business development.

Let Optimus take care of your client’s home-buying legal needs. Optimus handles all of your client’s conveyancing, remortgage, survey, and will making requirements – simply request a quote, instruct and our panel of carefully selected solicitors will do the rest.

How we help

  • Conveyancing


    Instruct one of our top-rated and carefully vetted conveyancing solicitors for a fixed fee (including additions and disbursements).

  • Re-mortgages


    Our panel of carefully selected and monitored solicitors can handle your client’s re-mortgaging conveyancing needs for a single fixed fee.

  • Surveys


    Optimus allows brokers to select from a level 2 or level 3 survey, or a full range of specialist surveys on behalf of your client, for a set fee.

  • Wills


    Quick, easy and digital, our Wills service offers clients a really simple way to create or update their wills to reflect their current circumstances.

  • Home Insurance

    Customer service

    Our dedicated team of in-house consultants are on hand to help mortgage brokers with their questions and queries at any stage.

Optimus Accelerate makes all the difference

Our Optimus Accelerate service ensures property information and stakeholder involvement is accessed much sooner, creating seamless efficiency, nipping bottlenecks in the bud, and helping to mitigate fall throughs. 

Instruction to completion times have reduced by up to 4 weeks for our clients who use this service.

Available for all property types to both mortgage brokers and estate agents.

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Our services We can you help with:

  • Conveyancing
  • Remortgages
  • Surveys
  • Wills

Why Optimus We’re changing the game for property transactions and brokers; here’s why:

  1. Less time spent on home sale and purchase administration, meaning you can spend more time with your clients.
  2. We do the chasing and progressing for every case on your behalf
  3. Our quality and performance standards and processes mean less risk for your business
  4. High-quality service and effective risk management for each transaction, resulting in happier clients
  5. The fee we quote is the fee your client will pay – all additional costs and disbursements are included
  6. Confidence that we only use the best solicitors in the business
  7. Catering for all types of conveyancing including new build, buy to let, leasehold, shared ownership, and limited company
  8. More than just conveyancing – Optimus can handle your client’s property survey and will
  9. Always informed –Optimus provides you with a real-time status of your client’s transactions

Our promises to you

  • Fixed fees

    All of our services are offered at a fixed price, meaning that clients pay the same regardless of which solicitor they use - no hidden costs, no nasty surprises.

  • Service guaranteed

    We only work with the best providers. We monitor the service levels of all of our partners to ensure they meet our high service standards.

  • Get the answers you need

    Got a question? Simply pick up the phone or email, and we’ll get on it straight away. No hanging around.

  • Single point of contact

    You will be assigned a dedicated account team, so they get to know you and your clients, giving you continuity and all the answers in one place.

  • Talk your language

    We’ve built a team from industry; lenders, mortgages, estate agencies, and property services - we know your world, and we’re on your side.

  • Do more

    With Optimus, you have conveyancing, remortgages, surveys, Wills, and home insurance all under one roof. No need to work with different providers using different services. Saving you time.

About Optimus

At Optimus, our people and technology are revolutionising the home-buying journey by bringing together estate agents, lenders, brokers, introducers, conveyancing solicitors, and surveyors under a single umbrella.

Optimus makes it easy to instruct and view the progress of home-buying legal and survey services on behalf of their clients. Our point of difference is our exceptional service. We personally monitor, progress, and problem-solve each and every transaction on our system to keep it on track. Our dedicated service will allow your business to flourish.

"I find the process smooth, and having access to the portal is a huge advantage when trying to contact solicitors in the current market."

Lesley, Estate Agent and Optimus user

"We have been most impressed with the service we have received."

Mortgage Broker, Sesame


"The system is really easy to use and combined with great customer service creates a fantastic tool for the advisers."

Mortgage Broker

"I have to say their great service levels just make life much easier."

Director, Yopa


"Alleviates many of the frustrations around the delays conveyancing can cause."

Commercial Director, eKeeper


"I have found it incredibly simple and quick to use."

Mortgage Broker, Sesame


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