total scalability

designed for total scalability

You can trust your biggest clients in our hands. Our system easily handles the volumes and complexities of large estates


greater productivity

unique panel management API integration

Your staff will spend less time switching between applications and more time with customers


only the best

we only work with top-rated solicitors

Optimus offer you the luxury of working with only those solicitors who meet our high standards


at your service

epitome of customer service excellence

Our commitment to understanding our customers is clear by our untarnished record

transforming conveyancing to reflect a changing landscape.

The future is demanding flexibility and efficiency. Customers at every stage are demanding more. We put you in the position to deliver.

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part of the innovative Landmark family.

Optimus is fuelled by a dedication to technology. As is Landmark. Together we are changing the face of property management.

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rest assured that your due diligence is our priority.

We may not have been around for decades, but our freedom from entrenched thinking is why we have come so far so quickly. Every stage of our journey has been a relentless search for a better way, with the future and our customers taking centre stage.

panel management services

a (truly) user-friendly interface with API integration.

Your staff will spend less time switching between applications and more time with customers.

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