What we do

As a mortgage broker or estate agent, you know all about property transactions and their many moving parts. Fall-throughs are still a common part of the transaction process, and so we asked what can be done to avoid them? 

By providing property information sooner in the process, our accelerate service helps to mitigate fall-throughs and increase the certainty of a transaction. This makes it easier to predict your pipeline and best of all, there’s no extra work at all involved.



How we do it

  • Collaborate better

    We maximise upfront data utilisation and bring together stakeholder collaboration earlier.

  • No extra fees

    With no extra fees, offer better service, gain quicker commissions, more referrals, and boost business efficiency and profitability.

  • Fast track your pipeline

    You get paid quicker and realise the true value of your sales pipeline, helping you build a sustainable business you and your clients can rely on.

  • Delight home buyers

    53% of home movers cited the main change they wanted to see in home buying was a quicker process overall.

Can Optimus Accelerate work for you?

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How Accelerate can help you

  • Happier home buyers
  • Reduce transaction time
  • Broker and estate agent exclusive
  • Reduce the risk of fall-throughs
  • Ease stress and pressure
  • Realise pipeline value sooner

Optimus Accelerate makes all the difference

This service is a game changer for mortgage brokers and estate agents. Everyone wins: it accelerates your client case by up to 3 weeks, you get paid quicker, so your cash flow improves and your clients are happier. With satisfied clients considerably improved, your reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations mean a business that grows. And there’s no additional fee – we’re in this industry together, so we want you to shine.

Our pilot saw over 2,700 completions, and covered a cross-section of all transaction types and reduced completion times by up to 3 weeks! 

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Optimus brings fairness and transparency to conveyancing transactions

We offer fixed fees for all transactions. Simply run a quote for your client and you get a range of solicitors to choose from. 

By taking price out of the equation, your clients can focus on choosing the solicitor who is right for them and never compromise on quality. 

To give our panel solicitors added security, we ringfence capacity. Our solicitors know how much work they can expect and work hard to deliver the best service. 

Expertise on hand

The Optimus service team are here to work alongside the solicitors and ensure that transactions run smoothly.

We employ from industry, so many of the team have backgrounds in estate agency, brokers and conveyancing – so we really talk your language. If you have a question or query at any point through the transaction, you can always get a straight answer from one of our team.


Optimus is part of the Landmark family

Optimus Accelerate is part of LandmarkConnect – our new approach to connect the property market.

A more connected and collaborative property industry will help speed up transactions and bring greater transparency and certainty to the market.

More about LandmarkConnect

Part of the Landmark Family

Our promises to you

  • Fixed fees

    All of our services are offered at a fixed price, meaning that clients pay the same regardless of which solicitor they use - no hidden costs, no nasty surprises.

  • Service guaranteed

    We only work with the best providers. We monitor the service levels of all of our partners to ensure they meet our high service standards.

  • Get the answers you need

    Got a question? Simply pick up the phone or email, and we’ll get on it straight away. No hanging around.

  • Single point of contact

    You will be assigned a dedicated account team, so they get to know you and your clients, giving you continuity and all the answers in one place.

  • Talk your language

    We’ve built a team from industry; lenders, mortgages, estate agencies, and property services - we know your world, and we’re on your side.

  • Do more

    With Optimus, you have conveyancing, surveys, wills, and home insurance all under one roof. No need to work with different providers using different services. Saving you time.

About Optimus

At Optimus, our people and technology are revolutionising the home-buying journey by bringing together estate agents, lenders, brokers, introducers, conveyancing solicitors, and surveyors under a single umbrella.

Optimus makes it easy to instruct and view the progress of home-buying legal and survey services on behalf of their clients. Our point of difference is our exceptional service. We personally monitor, progress, and problem-solve each and every transaction on our system to keep it on track. Our dedicated service will allow your business to flourish.

"I find the process smooth, and having access to the portal is a huge advantage when trying to contact solicitors in the current market."

Lesley, Estate Agent and Optimus user