How can Estate Agents move the home buying transaction process along faster?

How can Estate Agents move the home buying transaction process along faster?

You’ll know that whether your customers are buying or selling, the biggest thing a home mover wants is peace of mind. Peace of mind that:

• They have chosen the right solicitor to deliver the legal work
• They can get answers and the right information when needed
• Their transaction is progressing as quickly as the chain allows without any hold ups
• The process is as easy and as simple as possible
• There are no hidden costs or nasty surprises at the end of the process
• They can always get a plain English explanation at any point in the transaction to find out what’s going on
• Their transaction is in safe hands

All these reasons and more are part of the reason we created Optimus Move. We wanted to lighten the load for Agents and relieve stress for your clients.

Kickstart the transaction process with legally prepared vendors!

Optimus Move offers outsourced AML checks, top-rated conveyancing and upfront property searches. By using Optimus Move, you can reduce transaction times by up to 42 days.
When you outsource yourAML checks to us, we can also offer your vendors a no-obligation choice of top-rated, performance-managed conveyancers. So, they can instruct a solicitor early and get ahead of the game.

All our solicitors offer fixed conveyancing fees. But if there’s no sale, there’s no fee. Our fixed pricing also applies to any additional (disbursements), in fact our fixed rates cover the widest set of disbursements in the industry. So customers are never stung with high priced, hidden extras. For us, transparency is key.

If your client decides to go ahead, we’ll set up the transaction under your account on our conveyancing platform where you can view transaction milestones, case notes and conveyancer details giving you and your client up-to-date information as and when you need it

Once an offer has been accepted, we offer the same service to your buyers.

We provide a simple and efficient conveyancing service…

Our due diligence doesn’t only cover the essentials that you’d expect when vetting a solicitor firm, regulatory body, certification, information security, credit checks etc. We visit each firm we work with to check their set up, the experience of the dedicated team we’ll be working with, their case management systems, service processes, complaint histories and ratios, call answer response times and more. So you can be sure that your clients are getting a top quality service.

The Optimus Move service team are here to work alongside the solicitors and ensure that transactions run smoothly. What’s more, we understand what it’s like to work as a busy estate agent. Members of our team did that for over 10 years. We just found we loved helping people with their admin even more.

Why not discover for yourself why estate agents like you see Optimus Move as a real game changer?

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