How can estate agents prepare clients for a quick sale?

For estate agents, we know that waiting for property searches to be returned can be one of the most frustrating hold-ups in the conveyancing process. Especially for lengthy sales chains where there is potential for delay after delay. 

Would having the option to speed up completion timescales make your life a bit easier?  

In a typical transaction, a solicitor applies for searches after the buyer has instructedthem returned the welcome pack and paid fees.Searches can then take 4+ weeks to be returned and usually the solicitors won’t raise enquiries until the searches are back. Sometimes searches aren’t ordered until a survey has been carried out on a property, further delaying the timescale. 

This is why we developed Optimus Move. By using the Optimus Move product searches are automatically applied for once the seller has instructed a solicitor through our service, even before a buyer is found.  

With Optimus Move we can ensure you and your clients will benefit from a reduction in transaction times of up to 4 weeks. 

This service requires no cost to the seller, and if for any reason the property is removed from the market and the solicitors are uninstructed, we absorb the cost of the searches. 

How can you move your sales along with Optimus Move? 

We can have you onboarded within 48 hours, and we have one convenient online platform for keeping tabs on all your cases. But the difference is we take care of everything for you. And getting started is as easy as 1-2-3. 

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 

Let’s get talking 

Onboarding your team 

You’re all set!  

Get in touch and we’ll get you set up. With no upfront charges and no obligations. We’ll take your team through a quick, free-of-charge training session. Try out your next few transactions with Optimus Move and start reaping the benefits.  

Why not discover for yourself why estate agents like you see Optimus Move as a real game changer? 

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