[Product] How can mortgage brokers earn more from remortgage transactions?

With the housing market unpredictable, mortgage brokers are continually looking for ways to ringfence income and make the most out of potential transactions. Remortgage options are no exception here.  

For brokers, there’s often not enough hours in the day. Responding to client enquiries, generating new business, managing reputation; all part of a brokers day-to-day ever growing to do list.  

A key part of reputation management for brokers, is ensuring that the solicitors used for conveyancing are providing their customers with a quality service. But also what about making sure that the conveyancer your client chooses, actually has the capacity to be able to deliver the work? 

Let Optimus’ remortgage quote service help soothe your worries.  

Our service offers brokers complete peace of mind when completing remortgage transactions, whilst also offering the added benefit of a market-leading referral fee when using us.  

There’s no need to worry about the quality of our solicitors. Not only do we carry out comprehensive due diligence including regulatory, certification, security, and credit checks but we visit each firm to review every aspect of their operation. Ensuring your peace of mind and a quality service guaranteed. 

What’s more, by using Optimus, you will be assigned a dedicated account team, so they get to know you and your clients, giving you continuity and all the answers in one place. 

Act now! Submit the form below and get our product card to experience the advantages of our product for yourself. Don’t delay – try us out!

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