How can mortgage brokers speed up property transactions?

As a mortgage broker, time really is money. The more time you can devote to meeting new clients, the more mortgages you will arrange and the more commission you will make. If only life was so simple.   

The harsh reality is that you most likely find yourself spending several hours each week chasing for updates from conveyancers and problem-solving; time that could have been used to generate more revenue.   

In this article, one of four focused on overcoming the top four challenges faced by mortgage brokers, we will discuss how Optimus can help you free up much-needed time to do what you do best – arrange mortgages for clients.  

Why is time a challenge for mortgage brokers?  

It is well established that mortgage brokers find themselves spending far too much time chasing for updates and problem-solving. Just simply ensuring that clients have gathered and provided the necessary documentation to support their mortgage application can be extremely time-consuming. The result is that by the end of a working week, many hours that could have been dedicated to securing new business may have been lost.   

How can you free up your time?  

We recommend using a customer service team that understand your challenges and can do the chasing for you.   

At Optimus, we pride ourselves on delivering such a service. Rather than you spending your time on the phone to a conveyancer or another party to progress a matter if there is a delay, we will do this for you. Likewise, if your client simply wants an update, you can quickly view the online Optimus portal for a real-time conveyancing update or call one of our expert consultants, who can check the progress for you. We have a strong relationship with each of our carefully vetted and pre-approved solicitors, allowing us to engage with them as and when necessary to move matters along.  

We’ve put together a guide with further insights like these, along with top tips on how to maximise revenue per transaction. Click below for your copy.  

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