How mortgage brokers can speed up property transactions by up to 4 weeks

In a recent survey, conducted by our parent company Landmark Information Group, 53% of home movers cited that the main change they wanted to see within the home buying transaction was a quicker process overall. Furthermore, 38% wanted less uncertainty in the overall process.

But with increasing pressures on conveyancers, rising interest rates and the general uncertainty of the economic climate at the moment, one could ask how much more can actually be done to alleviate these concerns?

We wanted to face this challenge head on at Optimus. And that’s why we created Optimus Accelerate.

Developed to ease the stress and frustration for all parties within a transaction, by providing the ability for home movers to order property searches up front, we’re doing our part to support mortgage brokers, conveyancers, lenders and home movers themselves with removing one of the main perceptions of delays in the home buying process.

Key benefits 

  • Optimus Accelerate can speed up property transactions by up to 4 weeks
  • There is no additional fee payable for this service
  • Mortgage brokers can get paid quicker and realise the true value of their sales pipeline
  • Everyone is able to have reduced stress and frustration levels, by getting searches returned earlier than usual

Interested in giving it a try?

Contact us today to get started and start to accelerate your transactions!

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