Streamlining the Remortgage and Purchase Process: A Case Study with Oadby Mortgages and Optimus

The situation 

Liam Sandhu, a customer of Optimus and a mortgage broker at Oadby Mortgages, recently shared his experience with the company. 

Oadby Mortgages is an independent brokerage that specializes in residential mortgages, buy-to-let purchases, remortgages, portfolio, and protection insurances available to new and existing customers. They also offer a step-by-step guide through the home buying process. So, whether you are a first-time buyer, moving home, remortgaging or you are a landlord, Oadby Mortgages are here to help. 

The challenge and solution 

Liam first heard about Optimus when he was having problems with his previous partner. Optimus came through with a short and sweet presentation, explaining their system and how it works. The first case they put through went through seamlessly, and Liam and his team have been using Optimus ever since. 

The result 

Liam stated that Optimus has made his life a lot easier by streamlining the remortgage and purchase process. The quick and slick quotation process on the website, along with the support he receives from the Optimus team, has made a significant difference. Liam also mentioned that Optimus has enabled his business to offer full services for a purchase or remortgage with confidence. 

With Optimus, Liam is more confident in packaging out the case, including solicitors. He can recommend his own solicitors with confidence, knowing that there will be no issues, and the process will be quick. Now, as the business looks ahead to its next phase of growth, Optimus is by its side to help it deliver a range of services and products to their clients. 

“It’s made my life a lot easier than all honesty. It’s very quick and slick and quotation process on the website. If there’s any queries or we have any queries that the clients have, they’ll come to myself. I’ll come through you usually nice and quick as well, which makes my life a lot easier. And it’s just it’s sort of streamlined the remortgage and purchase process that we’ve got going on. I know that if there’s any problems, it can be sorted out with yourselves. 

And nine times out of 10, there’s never any problem. So, we’re happy this end because it keeps our keeps our clients happy and keeps them coming back to us.” 

Liam Sandhu, Mortgage Broker at Oadby Mortgages 

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