Landmark Information Group’s Residential Property Trends Q3 2023

Landmark Information Group’s Residential Property Trends Q3 2023: A muted pipeline.

The Q3 2023 edition of Landmark’s Residential Property Trends Report is now live. Within the report, you’ll find the latest insights into the residential property transaction pipeline from listings to SSTC/SSTM, and from searches to completions.

Whilst supply is holding up, subsequent pipeline metrics such as SSTC / SSTM, searches ordered, and completions remain low.

Key findings from Q3 include:

  • Listing activity is up in England and Wales – 1% higher over Q3 ’23 vs Q3 ‘19.
  • Completions dropped in England and Wales in Q3 ’23 – 35% lower than Q3 ‘19.
  • In Scotland, listings are 4% up on Q3 ’19, but completions are subdued by 18% vs Q3 ’19.
  • Overall, supply is still struggling to progress through the pipeline.

Download the Cross Market Activity edition for England, Wales and Scotland, and view the latest residential property market data for Q3 2023.

We hope you find it useful!

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