New conveyancing tech partnership ‘could cut transaction times by 6 weeks’

A new partnership between online conveyancing platform Optimus and digital homeownership platform has been announced with the intention of cutting transaction timelines by “approximately six weeks”.

Optimus, which is part of Landmark Information Group, says the move is part of the group’s wider ambition to streamline the property transaction process.

It’s said the aim of the partnership is to “[remove] bureaucracy [and] friction [by] bringing data further forward in the transaction, alongside encouraging earlier payment for searches and surveys”. This, they say, could see transaction timelines cut by around six weeks.

The announcement comes following the launch of LandmarkConnect, a series of digital hubs aimed at streamlining the home buying and selling process by increasing digitisation and improving industry collaboration in an effort to reduce delays and uncertainty.

The partnership with will form part of this proposition for conveyancers and will integrate the “Smart Buyer” solution with Optimus Accelerate, which intends to provide a simple way for customers to process payments and collect fees earlier.

Tom Hodgson, Director of Revenue Operations, said:

SmartBuyer provides customers with a comprehensive, one-stop solution that covers everything, from the organisation of conveyancing to arranging property surveys and managing legal fees.

We understand that every homebuyer’s journey is unique and SmartBuyer takes this into account and tailors services to meet individual needs and we support the customer through the transaction…

… By integrating legal work and streamlining the buying process, we’re meeting the growing demand for a more efficient, transparent, and customer-centric approach to home buying.”

Giuliano Grazioli, Sales Director, Optimus added:

“Optimus is committed to improving the home-moving experience for everyone. Better’ Smart Buyer solution is already making waves across the industry for doing exactly this, and we know it will become a pivotal building block of our ambitions to streamline the transaction process.

With better collaboration and integration across the industry we’re hopeful that we can reduce overall transaction times for everyone – improving the customer’s bottom-line while ultimately reducing stress for home-movers.”

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