Optimus record growth during lockdowns

With stable growth and excellent completion times, Optimus’s success means their panel clients benefit, too.

Optimus is used to raising the bar for panel management, and incredible growth figures demonstrate their model works, and their panel solicitors have been reaping the benefits.

Pre-empting the lockdown, Optimus immediately focussed on how they could provide damage limitation for clients. They looked at ways to protect what was in the pipeline.

They made sure clients knew Optimus was still up and running and able to take business. They’ve seen a real strengthening of business relationships over the past few months. It’s made all the difference to law firms knowing their account manager was still taking calls and providing their invaluable service. When law firms had been forced to implement furloughs that led to operating with minimum staff, Optimus offered a real lifeline.

The real success story has been the 150% growth of new instructions between March-July

At a time when solicitors were working under unprecedented levels of restrictions, Optimus worked hard to reassure both introducers and customers they were still there to help keep transactions moving. Optimus’s goal was simple: keeping the pipelines of solicitors moving, generating income for them and offering work to panel solicitors.

The dedication of the highly respected Optimus team paid off, and everyone was overjoyed to report record growth during the height of the lockdown period of 150%. Optimus offered solicitors a chance like no other to continue sourcing work and moving towards completion.

The trust and belief placed in Optimus by their panel solicitors are already showing dividends, as Optimus announced month-on-month growth of 238% in May and June, as the property market reopened.

Delivering high-quality customer service and excellent turnaround times.

As completion times spiralled across the industry, from April to July, Optimus reported a small increase of only 8 working days from Welcome Pack receipt to completion across all products.

It’s an incredible testament to the Optimus business model, and to their staff who have championed their clients throughout the past months.

Optimus are cautiously positive about expectations for the remainder of the year. It’s impossible to know how the next few months will play out, but Optimus will continue to do everything they can for all their customers.

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