Optimus welcomes Aqila Hussain!

Optimus welcomes Aqila Hussain! 👏

Aqila Hussain joined Optimus as a Marketing Executive in April and we’re excited to have Aqila – and her incredible knowledge – onboard. It’s also a particularly exciting development, as Aqila is the first dedicated marketing hire to join the rapidly growing Optimus family. 

We spent some time getting to know her last week and discussed everything from her love of food to her culture and even marketing! Here’s what she told us: 

💬 How are you finding it here at Optimus? 

It’s been busy here at Optimus from my very first day, but fantastic! Marketing is constantly changing and evolving so I am someone who likes to keep moving with those changes. 

💬 Tell us about your previous experience; what did you do before Optimus? 

I was a Social Media Executive at a construction and property marketing agency based in Weston Super Mare. I have 2+ years of experience in digital marketing. 

💬 What are you most looking forward to in your new role with Optimus? 

In all of my roles, I have looked after social media and content creation across a range of platforms. But in this role, I am also looking forward to getting involved in other marketing activities in various disciplines.   

💬 What are your professional goals? 

I definitely want to gain more experience in UX and explore how users are really interacting with products and services.  

💬 At Optimus, we’re all about work-life balance. What do you love to spend your time on when you’re not at work?  

My hobbies are all over the place! I have phases where I love reading, listening to podcasts, trekking and even cooking but the ultimate thing I do when I have free time is watching movies. I also love traveling and so far I have explored more than 8 countries, hopefully with many more to come! 

💬 What attracted you to Optimus? 

I always wanted to do something new and gain experience in the conveyancing industry. After learning about Optimus, it sounded like an excellent opportunity for me to progress in! I simply love how Optimus is making new rules for conveyancing by embedding new technologies and systems and investing in experience to create an amazing team. 

💬 What is something that made you smile recently? 

To hear how everyone here at Optimus is so happy to have me on board!  


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