Our June star performer is an enthusiastic, respectful individual, Laura Turner!

At Optimus, we believe in recognizing and appreciating the outstanding efforts of our team members. Each month, we celebrate their achievements through our Star Awards program, which aims to honour individuals who consistently go above and beyond while exemplifying our company values. This June, we are thrilled to announce Laura Turner as our star performer, whose exceptional dedication and respect for others have set her apart. 

One of the core values we hold dear at Optimus is respect and having a genuine regard for the feelings, wishes, and rights of others. In alignment with our monthly Star Awards theme, Laura demonstrated outstanding performance in embodying this value. Her consistent commitment to treating everyone at Optimus with respect is instrumental in fostering kindness, both within our team and in our interactions with customers. 

Since October 2022, Laura Turner has been an invaluable asset to Optimus , bringing her unwavering dedication as one of our committed Service Consultant. Laura works in our broker service team, working daily to ensure the cases flow through smoothly and troubleshooting any queries to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Prior to joining Optimus, Laura gained valuable experience working as a case manager at London & Country Mortgages, where she honed her unique skill set. Laura is simply a super star. 

We take immense pride in Laura’s well-deserved recognition as the winner of the June Star Award. Her hard work, dedication, and exemplary performance have not gone unnoticed, and we are grateful to have her as an part of our team. Laura’s natural respectful nature and her unwavering focus on providing exceptional service truly embody the spirit of our Star Awards program. 

If you’re inspired by Laura’s achievements and share our values, we invite you to explore the exciting opportunities to join the Optimus team. Visit our website to learn more about open positions and how you can become part of a company that values its employees and is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our customers. 

How our Star Performer scheme works:  

This scheme is designed to recognise and reward our team members for their hard work and dedication.  

Each month of the year is themed with one of our core values:  

January – Positivity  

February – Consistency  

March – Expertise  

April – Collaboration  

May – Trustworthiness  

June – Respect  

July – Commitment  

August – Enthusiasm  

September – Fairness  

October – Reliability  

November – Support  

December – end of year awards!  

To nominate a team member for the Star Performer Scheme, everyone is asked to nominate two people who they think have demonstrated the monthly themes. The person with the most votes wins! 

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