Supporting the conveyancing industry through panel management

As part of National Conveyancing Week, we will be taking a closer look at how Optimus supports the conveyancing industry. We outline the various ways in which Optimus helps conveyancers that are on our panel, as well as the benefits of panel management. So, let’s dive right in and explore the world of conveyancing with Optimus.  

Our panel 

We understand having a consistent flow of work is incredibly important for conveyancers. Optimus work closely with the firms to provide them with a steady supply of work across different introducers, which supplements their private work and work from other referrers.  Working with Optimus helps firms to combat market fluctuations and provides a level of stability they may not otherwise have.  

Onboarding process 

Onboarding a conveyancer to a panel can be a lengthy process. However, we strive to complete all our due diligence and get the firm through their trail phase as quickly as possible, without cutting corners. 

 We also make sure that within the onboarding process we communicate any new regulations or updates within the industry and continue to do this for the duration of our relationship with our panel members.  

Training and support 

We continually provide our panel members with training and support. Additionally, we are always up to date with regulatory changes and communicate regularly with our panel members to ensure that everyone is compliant and time is saved. Our service consultants are always available to provide support and assistance to our conveyancers whenever necessary.  

Ongoing relationship 

We are always looking for ways to strengthen relationships with our panel members and other professionals in the industry. We regularly hold strategy events and workshops which provide our panel members with the opportunity to contribute to our processes and products.  

Optimus also has a limited number of conveyancers on the panel than other panel managers. This is intentional, as relationships are key to our success. We run a smaller panel so that we can maintain stronger relationships with all of our members and guarantee workstreams. This includes regular communication, quarterly visits to our panel member’s offices, and monthly catch ups to ensure that everyone is happy with the service provided and that we are providing the best levels of support.  

If you have any further questions about how Optimus supports the conveyancing industry, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

National Conveyancing Week takes place between 20th -24th March. For more information see  

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